Over the past 15 years, I have been working on PC Computers/MAC and have certainly learned a lot, some from trial and error and some from researching online and then combining critical thinking to solve the problem. Not every computer issue is documented on the world wide web. So I decided to post some of the common issues, I have come across while fixing computer issues, and helpful hints, along with some excellent tech articles. 

Who we are

Linwood Hunter

I am Linwood Hunter (Business Development IT Manager) with over 15 years of computer experiences. I have always been intrigued when it comes to technology. I have a strong passion for technology, how they work, and why they break. My past jobs titles ranged from Technical Support, Systems Administrator, and Workstation Engineer. In my spare time, I like to exercise, drive my mustangs, and travel. 

Liem Nguyen

I am Liem Nguyen (Operation IT Manager) with over 15 years of computer experience. I have always been a geek technical guy that loves to surround myself with technology. My past job titles have ranged from Sr. Desktop Service Technician, Desktop Administrator, and Sr. Systems Engineer. I also like to play cards and watch sports in my spare time.